IDEC micro PLCs offer powerful features and advanced functionality without complicated programming. Want to learn practical PLC and HMI skills and knowledge so you can hit the ground running? With five affordable packages to choose from, IDEC training courses not only give you the ability to program, debug and maintain IDEC automation systems, but also provide you with the hardware and software you need to get started on your designs as soon as you leave. The hands-on, interactive structure of these classes utilizes real-world examples to provide a complete technical education in just three days. And with small class sizes, you can expect to get personalized, one-on-one attention, including time with IDEC experts to ask specific application questions and get help finding the solutions you need.

IDEC PLC/HMI Training covers:

  1. PLC fundamentals such as hardware, numbering systems and how a PLC works.
  2. Basic functions: latching circuit, series and parallel circuits; how to use timers, counters and advanced functions such as data manipulation; Modbus Communications and PID.
  3. Demonstrations on the MicroSmart FC6A.
  4. Programming with the new IDEC 5.7" HG2G Enhanced HMI.
  5. Question & Answer session with our PLC experts to discuss your specific controls application.

Through a collaboration between Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and IDEC Corporation, you can now further your education without compromising quality for convenience. When attending our 3-day PLC/HMI training seminar, you can qualify and receive up to 2.4 CEUs (24 PDHs). For more information, please contact us at training@idec.com.

Who Should Attend

IDEC training courses are highly recommended for all OEM, technicians, supervisors, engineers, designers, machine builders, system integrators, maintenance personnel and end users with IDEC equipment. Anyone involved with the design and integration/operation of programmable logic controllers in industrial automation. Anyone who wants to maximize their practical skills and knowledge of IDEC automation products in order to improve work efficiency will benefit greatly from these courses.

Course Outline

Training gives attendees an overview of IDEC PLCs and HMIs, gets them started using IDEC programming software and goes over specifics of how to best utilize PLC and HMI features including configurations, remote monitoring and control, and specific applications. There will also be an opportunity to participate in a Q&A session with our experts.
Day one of the Basic & Advanced PLC, Basic HMI course provides a basic overview of IDEC PLCs and SmartAXIS Touch. Day Two focuses on advanced IDEC PLC information. Day Three focuses on IDEC HMIs. Days one and two of the 3-day Advanced PLC & HMI course provides advanced IDEC PLC information, while Day three provides advanced IDEC HMI training.

Day 1 - Basic PLC & SmartAXIS Touch (8AM - 5PM)
  1. Overview of IDEC PLCs and SmartAXIS Touch
  2. Getting started with IDEC programming software
  3. SmartAxis Device Allocation & Memory Map
  4. Start and stop circuits
  5. Latching circuits
  6. Rising edge and falling edge circuits
  7. Series and parallel circuits
  8. Timers
    • On-Delay, Off-Delay, and Dual teaching timers
  9. Counters
    • Up/Down Counters
  10. Real time clock and calendar
  11. Analog configurations
  12. SmartAXIS Touch - Bit buttons, pilot lights, Goto buttons
  13. SmartAXIS Touch - Data Display/Input, Numerical Keypad, Bar graphs, Potentiometers
Day 2:  Advanced PLC (8am-5pm)
  1. Overview of Ethernet PLC and communications
    • Remote connections and IP configurations
    • PLC Device Allocation and Memory Map
  2. Analog I/O Module Configurations
    • Reading and writing analog I/O
    • Data move and compare instructions
    • Data types and conversion
  3. High speed counters
    • High speed counters using rotary encoder
  4. High speed output
    • ARAMP instruction and stepper motor control
  5. Math Instructions
    • Add, Subtract, Multiply, and Divide instructions
    • 32-bit Data and Floating point
    • Script Programming
  6. Subroutines
  7. Modbus Communications (Ethernet/Serial)
  8. Email and Text Notifications
  9. User Web Page
Day 3: HMI  (8am-5pm)
  1. Overview of IDEC HMI
  2. Bit buttons, pilot lights, Goto buttons, importing graphics
  3. Data Display/Input, Numerical Keypad, Bar graphs, and Potentiometers
  4. Animation
  5. Trending Graphs
  6. Alarms Configurations
  7. Password set ups
  8. Remote control and monitor
  9. Expansion I/O configuration

What to bring

Attendees are responsible for bringing a personal laptop with the IDEC Automation Organizer software suite installed. A link to download this software will be provided after registration is complete. Note: If there is a problem installing the software, please contact IDEC Technical Support at 1-800-262-4332 or support@IDEC.com to resolve any issues before attending the seminar.

The following operating systems are supported by Automation Organizer:

  • Windows® 8 and 8.1
  • Windows® 7 (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Windows Vista® (32-bit)
  • Microsoft® Windows® XP with Service Pack 3 (32-bit)
  • Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Service Pack 4
  • Windows® 10
Please make sure the computer you bring to the training is running one of these operating systems.

System Requirements

  • 1.0GHz processor or faster
  • One of the Windows® operating systems listed above
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 installed
  • 512MB of installed RAM (1GB recommended)
  • 800MB of available hard disk space
  • XGA (1024 x 768) or higher screen resolution
  • USB port
  • Mouse
  • Administrator privilege required

Hotel Accommodations

Securing hotel accommodations is the responsibility of the attendee. IDEC can provide a list of local hotels if requested. Generally, a discount will be given to attendees booking reservations at the hotel where the training is held. When making your reservation, please mention IDEC training to receive this special discount.


Lunch will be provided, as well as snacks in the morning and afternoon.


Pricing: 3-Day Training with Package Option

3-day training packages allow users to attend three days of coursework covering everything from features, configurations, and remote monitoring and control, to specific applications, and a Q&A session with our experts. Packages include a PLC, HMI, power supply, cables and software. This is best for users who want to participate in a comprehensive learning program focused on IDEC automation systems, and would like to leave with the knowledge, experience and products to immediately get started.

Option 1 - FT1A
Package Price $399
Product Image
3-Day Training Included Yes
PLC 12 I/O SmartAXIS Touch
HMI Type Touch (3.8" Touchscreen with built-in 12 I/O PLC, relay out), Ethernet , 24V DC
Power Supply 24V DC, 15W
Cables Yes
Software YES
Products included:
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Option 2 - Intro
Price $499
Product Image
3-Day Training Included Yes
PLC 14 I/O SmartAXIS Touch
HMI Type Touch (3.8" Touchscreen with built-in 14 I/O PLC, transistor source out, 2 Analog In/2 Analog Out), Ethernet, 24V DC
Power Supply 24V DC, 15W
Cables Yes
Software YES
Part Numbers
Option 3 - Basic
Price $549
Product Image
3-Day Training Included Yes
PLC 16 I/O MicroSmart FC6A, Expandable, 24V DC
HMI Type 4.3", 65K color TFT, USB & Ethernet, 12 to 24V DC
Power Supply 24V DC, 30W
Cables Yes
Software YES
Part Numbers
Option 4 - Standard
Price $649
Product Image
3-Day Training Included Yes
PLC 16 I/O MicroSmart FC6A,
Expandable, 24V DC
HMI Type 5.7", 65K color TFT, USB & Ethernet, 24V DC
Power Supply 24V DC, 30W
Cables Yes
Software YES
Part Numbers
Option 5 - Advanced
Price $899
Product Image
3-Day Training Included Yes
PLC 24 I/O MicroSmart FC6A, Expandable, 24V DC
HMI Type 8.4" Multimedia, 65K Color TFT, USB, Ethernet, 24V DC
Power Supply 24V DC, 60W
Cables Yes
Software YES
Part Numbers




Training only - Non-Package Option:

Days Any 1-Day Any 2-Days
Price $199 $299
Software included: YES YES

Schedule & Registration

Date Class

October 3-5
Hilton Garden Inn
Cincinnati / West Chester
9306 Schulze Drive
West Chester, OH 45069
P: 513-860-3170
F: 513-860-3171
Hotel Website

November 14-16
Four Points by Sheraton
Houston Greenway Plaza
2828 Southwest Freeway
Houston, TX 77098
P: 713-942-2111
F: 713-942-9934
Hotel Website


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For more information about IDEC Automation products, our product pages offer in-depth information on features, as well as links to download brochures, datasheets, catalogs, and software demos, or watch video tutorials.

The IDEC website also gives you access to our virtual catalog of products, the ability to order literature free of charge, and locators to find distributors and field sales representatives.

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